Functional Specification:

HAYYRES is an Online Restaurant Billing System or Offline Restaurant Billing System which is very user friendly and it can be used in any Restaurants. Improved dining service and increased guest satisfaction.Turn your good restaurant into a great business.Helps you make profits soon and reach break-even faster.Provides ease-of-use interface to your staff and increases their efficiency.Gets you free by enabling your restaurant to function without you.Creates consistency in service through automated processes Know what your guests want and increase the average per person.Get a clear insight about customer preferences such as the ‘most preferred menu item’. Handles discounts, gift vouchers, discount coupons redemption and happy hour pricing. It also takes care of item-specific-seasonal-offers and bill-value-based-offers seamlessly with promotion module.Computerized touch screen ordering is faster, accurate and much easier to use.

Technical Specification:

HAYYRES is a web based point of sale system written in the PHP language.It uses MySQL as the data storage back-end and has a simple and easy to use user interface.

Special Features

• Online/Offline Restaurant Billing System
• Customer Information
• Item & Item Kits Maintenance
• Suppliers Information
• Employee Information
• Gift Cards Maintenance
• Sale Processing
• Receiving Processing
• Fast & Easy Billing
• Inventory
• Membership Card Generation
• Email Functionality
• Multilanguage-Enabled Application
• Different type of Reports
     Graphical Reports
     Summary Reports
     Detail Reports
     Accounting Reports
     Inventory Reports & many more…
• Financial Accounts
     Receivables – Receipt Vouchers
     Payables – Payment Vouchers
     General Ledger – Journal Entry
     Account Statement – Receivables & Payables
     General Ledger Statement

• Customer defined template
     Sale/Bill template
     Receiving/Expense template
     Receipt/Payment Voucher template